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Over 60% of serious motorcycle accidents on UK roads are at least partially caused
by other road users not seeing the motorcycle (i.e. not looking carefully enough).
Don't put your life in their hands - RIDE DEFENSIVELY.

To become a motorcyclist riding without L plates on UK roads
these are the steps you must ( or should ) take
1. Get a provisional licence   Compulsory
2. Take CBT ( Compulsory Basic Training )   Compulsory
3. Buy, borrow or hire a learner legal bike, helmet etc.   Obviously
4. Get insured   Compulsory
5. Practice on the roads with L plates and maybe take some pre-test training   Voluntary
6. Read The Highway Code and other books   Voluntary
7. Apply for, take and pass your theory test   Compulsory
8. Apply for, take and pass your practical test   Compulsory
9. Get your full licence and tear up your L plates   YES !!
10. Ride safely, live long and prosper    

If you'd like to know how much all this will cost click HERE

If you're still unsure whether a life on 2 wheels is for you
many schools offer a free 1 hour taster session.
Check out the schools adverts in our directory or see for more info.

Introduction to CBT

Our thanks to
Survival Skills Rider Training

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Motorcycle instructors.
Take a look at this not for profit organization created to provide ALL ATBs with a voice for ATB concerns.
ATB-A, The Authorized Training Body Action Group



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